Limitless (2011) movie

Limitless (2011) movie

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A copywriter discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities.
Director: Neil Burger
Writers: Alan Glynn (novel), Leslie Dixon (screenplay)
Stars: Bradley Cooper, Anna Friel, Abbie Cornish, Robert De Niro
Production Co: Universal Studios, Relativity Media
Release Date: 18 March 2011 (USA)


An intellectual slacker and former cocaine addict, now eking out a living as a copywriter for a small publishing house. Through a bizarre series of coincidences, Eddie finds himself in possession of MTD-48, a drug that has some curious effects. On his first trip, Eddie discovers that the drug boosts the intellect, making him far smarter – but also faster, more intuitive, and more charismatic. By warding off sleep and focusing his attention span, Eddie finds that the drug enables him, in a matter of hours, to write a book, learn a foreign language, or predict certain events by detecting patterns in vast amounts of information.

What author Glynn has imagined, is the perfect drug for the information age, one that makes its user a match for the ceaseless flow of data from television and newspapers to the Internet rather than being lost in the overload of endless news, history, opinions, and other information.


Limitless movie poster 2011

Limitless (2011) Trailer


Robert De Niro
Carl Van Loon
Bradley Cooper
Eddie Morra
Abbie Cornish
Anna Friel
Johnny Whitworth
Vernon Gant
Robert John Burke
Tomas Arana
Tan Coat
Patricia Kalember
Mrs. Atwood
T.V. Carpio
Andrew Howard
Jennifer Butler
Business Woman
Eddie J. Fernandez
Anna Kuchma
Stylish Hipster
Joel Garland
Man 1
Ann Marie Seall
Woman in Fur Coat

Limitless Official site

Limitless Official site

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  1. steve meyer says:

    Limitless – the movie (soon to be on DVD and Blue Ray) is GREAT due to the theme!
    UFO’s, Bigfoot, and Time travel MAY exist / be proven one day….the UNIMAGINABLE POWERS of the Subconscious Mind are not a myth – they are REAL, and can be systematically and intentionally “tapped” into RIGHT NOW — if you know how.. I have done it myself – now am a HEALER / Subconscious Mind Consultant — show others the way…..The Stairway to Heaven Manuscript is my written “blueprint” to reaching Infinite Intelligence / the power that the subconscious mind “taps” into….
    Steve Meyer

    more info here:

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